“It’s by honoring and naming each of our parts that we become a new whole.”
— Seena Frost - Founder of SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® is a creative and satisfying collage process. You make your own deck of cards - each collage card representing one aspect of your personality or Soul. Use the cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery. Joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your personality parts, you and your family/community/world, and you and your dreams, symbols, and Spirit. 

Soul Collage Sample Cards:

When the Soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.”
— Meister Eckhart

I am a trained facilitator in SoulCollage®  since 2009. I facilitate groups, individuals, couples in this process. Please contact me for more information.

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