Here are some of my ideas regarding therapy....


We Often feel so alone in our pain and discomfort

The therapeutic relationship can be a space, where if we find the right fit, we can feel truly seen. The relationship can inspire hope and helps us heal. It is not an easy thing to do and some times it feels worse before it feels better. My hope is that even in the darker places, you will not feel alone and will know that there is someone who wants to support your process and will meet you where you are.

We are often hurt within relationships.

 We can heal within them too.


Sometimes our pain can tighten our view

Therapy can be a space to help us pull up and get out of the weeds. We can begin to see the whole landscape of our lives and make new connections and see new possibilities. Again this is not easy but it is possible.

Therapy will make you feel...

Sometimes it doesn't always feel good. Therapy can be hard and we can feel so many things or not really know what we feel. Sometimes as you explore and begin this deep work.. you can feel worse before you feel better. Therapy can provide a safe space to be all of you... warts and all.. and have someone show up, be there, root for you, and support you to reach your goals.

Shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.
— Brene Brown

photo by  surasakiStock  from

photo by surasakiStock from

Our Stories Matter...

Only you can tell your story... and only you can rewrite it if you choose. Therapy can provide a safe space to share what we never have before. We will explore the stories you tell about yourself and your life. Sometimes our stories can be fuel for our pain and discomfort. In this work I am deeply listening to the stories you tell and I am curious about the ones you limit. We may rewrite or deepen your stories, but always remember you are the author.


Permission Matters...

Our healing requires us to give ourselves permission to make changes or to let go. Therapy also does not work if there is not willingness and readiness. As Maya Angelou says," Nothing will work unless you do".  This work requires permission and consent.